SERIOUS GAME - Red / Blue team (for technical staff)

In collaboration with

Based on a realistic and operational IT infrastructure, we offer to your teams the opportunity to expose themselves to real scenarios in the field of cybersecurity / cyber defence. Beyond learning by doing, the objective is to test the skills of your teams and their operational capacities in terms of reaction and defensive struggle.

  • Learning how to detect an attack
  • Evaluate the severity of an attack quickly
  • Determine the appropriate level of countermeasures
  • Maintain the availability of services during an attack
  • Search for evidence
  • Reporting an attack
  • Learn or refine techniques
  • Adopting reflex acts

This activity is intended for any organisation wishing to realistically train their teams involved in the cyber chain, without exposing its own infrastructure.

Target audience
  • Technical teams (SOC operators, CERT experts ...)
  • Management teams (RSSI, DSI, General Management, Communication Department, ...)
& Examen

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