Introduction to (malware) reverse engineering

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It is not unusual to detect unknown software on computer systems. Identifying if the software is malicious or benign is a critical (and expensive) task. This course aims to develop skills to perform basic Malware Reverse Engineering. The goal of this course is to set up a malware laboratory for each student and to introduce the most successful malware reverse engineering strategies.

  • Get an overview of malware analysis techniques
  • Create a custom lab environment
  • Be able to collect indicators if a file is malicious or benign
  • Develop strategies to collect Indicators of Compromise (IOCs)
  • Build-up some solid grounds for further studies
    • Not in scope
    • Learn x86 assembler
    • Get deep into reverse engineering
Target audience

Security Engineers, Administrators, Managers

  • Linux/UNIX experience
  • Good knowledge of Windows internals
  • Knowledge about control flows in programming languages
  • Understanding of TCP/IP networks, DNS, proxy, firewall
  • Very basic x86 assembler understanding is an advantage
& Examen

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