Taxation is made up of all the rules, laws and measures relating to taxes and duties. It organises the participation of both natural and legal persons in the financing of the State.

Taxation constitutes an essential instrument in the corporate policy since it impacts management decisions at the strategic and operational level. Considered just a few years ago as a constraint, it has incontestably become an essential parameter in the management of a company.  

Mastering taxation issues

There are different types of taxation: corporate taxation, indirect taxation - of which VAT is the most frequently encountered - and the taxation of natural persons.

On the international scene, tax rules have multiplied and de facto complicate their understanding and application. In the light of this changing context, businesses and individuals are faced with potential tax risks. That is why upgrading skills in order to master the intricacies of taxation has become an absolute necessity for any company. 

Within the company, various functions require skills in this area, including tax specialists, accountants, and managers.

Our training courses cover a broad spectrum of taxation. Depending on the subjects and the intended levels of expertise, our proposal meets the training requirements of employees responsible for tax operations or exposed to notions of law in the operations they carry out. 

We offer two certifying paths in collaboration with the Société de Comptabilité; they are organised as evening classes, providing an introduction to the various areas of taxation. The first cycle covers the specific features of income tax following the reforms introduced in 2017/2018 and VAT. The second cycle covers income tax from the angle of corporate taxation.

These training cycles, dispensed mainly by trainers working for the tax authorities, constitute an excellent foundation for understanding the Grand Duchy's tax system.

We also propose recommendations for each professional profile, to enable you to acquire and develop your skills in the field of taxation.

Our certifying paths and recommended training courses for specific professional profiles make it possible to structure a professional development plan. To allow more freedom of progression in your development plan, individual training courses may be selected from the recommendations and topics. This will enable you to choose more personalised training courses so that you can further develop certain key skills necessary for your professional activity.

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