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Personal Development

Personal development refers to a set of methods converging on the assimilation of attitudes applied to the professional framework. It involves acquiring, updating and refining personal skills in order to carry out tasks in relation to one's professional profile. Personal development is for all executives and employees regardless of their level of initial training and the post they occupy.   

Knowledge, know-how and attitudes

While technical skills (knowledge and know-how) constitute elementary attributes for performing professional tasks, human qualities (attitudes) have become equally important. This trend has accelerated in recent years with digitalisation and the transformations this imposes on companies. The increasing complexity of activities linked to, for example, the use of digital tools and virtual collaboration platforms is fundamentally changing methods and workplaces, reinforcing the need for behavioural skills. These skills relate primarily to the ability to integrate quickly into a team, adapt to change, demonstrate a sense of organisation, be emphatic and creative, have a sense of the collective, and demonstrate emotional intelligence.


Our certifying paths and recommended training courses for specific professional profiles make it possible to structure a professional development plan in keeping with the individual's professional development and assumption of hierarchical responsibilities. The profiles proposed are built up on each other, from the most basic up to the highest position in the hierarchy. To allow more freedom of progression in your development plan, individual training courses may be selected from the recommendations and topics. This will enable you to choose more personalised training courses so that you can further develop certain key skills necessary for your professional activity.

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