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Investment Funds

The investment fund industry encompasses both investment funds and the experts responsible for overseeing them. Investment vehicles can assume a range of legal structures, such as undertakings for collective investment in transferable securities, specialised funds, venture capital companies, reserved alternative investment funds etc.

At both the European and international level, the sector is subject to regulations which are then incorporated into Luxembourg’s legislation. The Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF). The regulatory body in Luxembourg, is responsible for ensuring compliance with these rules. This is particularly crucial for Luxembourg, given the worldwide distribution of investment vehicles.

Multiple Challenges

The sector faces several challenges, including mounting regulatory obligations, particularly regarding cross-border distribution, persistent margin pressures, and the digital transformation of the industry, that is transforming key areas of a well-established value chain.

This changing landscape directly impacts the demands and expectations of industry players for ongoing professional development.

To address the needs of the sector’s key functions and in collaboration with the Professional Training Committee of the Luxembourg’s investment funds’ association (ALFI), we have created various professional profiles and training modules.

We offer diploma programmes, certification paths and recommended training courses tailored to professional profiles, providing a structured approach to professional development. To provide greater flexibility in your development plan, you may choose individual training courses from our recommended topics. This allows you to select personalised training that helps you further develop key skills essential for your professional role.

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