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Architecture, Engineering & Urbanism

Architecture and engineering create our living spaces in keeping with the changing requirements of society, and these days have to incorporate sustainability and respect for the environment from the design stage.

Se former aux spécificités luxembourgeoises et aux outils digitaux

The Grand Duchy's laws and regulations for the sector and the professional code of ethics of architects and consulting engineers condition the professions in the sector and are essential elements that need to be mastered. The procedural aspects are legion and concern regional planning, public procurement, and safety just as much as construction standards and techniques.

As with most of the professional profiles, the work of architects and consulting engineers is becoming increasingly digital. Building Information Modeling (BIM) constitutes a new paradigm in the construction world that is changing the way architects and consulting engineers work.

Together with our main partner, the Order of Architects and Consulting Engineers (Ordre des Architectes et des Ingénieurs-Conseils - OAI), and other specialists in the sector, the CRTI-B (resource centre for technologies and innovation in the building trade), and energieagence, we have drawn up a range of professional profiles so that we are able to propose training courses that are consistent, appropriate, and useful. We also recommend a selection of training courses that match these profiles, in partnership with the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) and the training institute for the building sector (Institut de Formation Sectoriel du Bâtiment - IFSB).

Our recommended training courses for specific professional profiles and specialisations make it possible to structure a professional development plan. To allow more freedom of progression in your development plan, individual training courses may be selected from the recommendations and topics. This will enable you to choose more personalised training courses so that you can further develop certain key skills necessary for your professional activity.

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